• pict: Mònica Lou
    Mercat de les Flors (Barcelona), 2017

This is the opportunity that you have been waiting for so long. It is your moment. It’s your turn to dance. The journey has started and the plan is very simple:

épica #1: emancipate

épica #2: abandon the gaze

épica #3: ally with other bodies in darkness to carry out a dissident plan of cellular liberation through the dance

épica #4: ¡Hello, mitosis of the future!

In Aimar Pérez Galí’s new show four performers deliver their energy & offer theirselves as space-time excitation agents in a session of epic techno. They do it in a temporary space that uses the theatrical resources to produce an aesthetic experience operating on an affective, sensory level, while also providing a platform for feminist critical thinking, giving voice to the epic struggles that do not conform to the western canon of heterosexual norms to generate an alternative paradigm to freedom.